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[Memoirs from the Past]

(a translated excerpt from my entry in the creative writing contest of nittfest’05)

People say Love is eternal and Dalliance is mortal. I can’t say if there is there is a fundamental difference among them. But yes how I feel we are being lied.

Love has only a single life. It’s just for once and when it goes its gone for ever. It doesn’t get a new life, a second birth. Eternity graces dalliance. Dalliance, whether falls ruined or gratifies to the core, it just sows a seed of a new life that rises again.

Love needs a medium. Prose, songs, music, sketches, dreams. Dalliance itself is the medium. The sense of being one eternally, even for just few moments makes it complete in itself…

Life is very long and world is even bigger,
So the argument will not cease.
People will not stop nor hesitate,
Going the better way they please.
For love is eternal, austere,
Unembellished, pure, as they think,
Whatever be the case, dalliance,
Would be a step ahead ( πŸ˜‰ wink ).

Keep Smiling πŸ™‚


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[Memoirs from the Past]

Uff… Life’s going pretty boring these days…

Too much of classes have taken the fun outta the daily routine, am even missing the test matches between India and Pakistan. Shit…

Here goes a few lines sung in the glory of the chaat life am leading…

O Mighty Lord, O Mighty Lord,
What a sickening pathetic discord.
So boring passes each second,
O God don’t take so long to mend.

This place seems a mighty bore,
Chaating minds with a fierce gore.
Someone please show us outdoor,
Out of minds we’ll go for sure.

Morning wakeup and chaat classes,
Stripping minds and raping masses.
What not the proffy asses do,
Knowledge nil and wrath our marks too.

Then nine damsels gave us, You!!
"Have the cake and eat it too!!"
Do something get us out of our plight,
O Lord, O Mighty Lord, show us your might.

O Star bright!! O Star bright!!
Some miracle does happen tonight,
Take us out of the pathetic plight,
O Mighty Star set everything right.

Here I sit in my lab, dreaming of a morning new,
To give us days of masti, that we have a meager few.

(written for the glory of chaat that we relish)

Keep Smiling :
(and may chaat life do not touch you…)

PS{ssttt} : I have come up with the Tee design for our small group (that does big things), that will be posting soon. Watch Out.

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nittfest ’05

[Memoirs from the Past]

A fun filled Cultural Festival.
Comes every year.
3 full days of sound sleep.
(at least for us in computer applications department πŸ˜€ )

But this year it was different. We did form a small team to represent our department in the festival (although the planning was done during the middle of the night before). We did put up a great show, but yes did’nt win any prizes. Anyways as they say ‘Participation is more important that Winning’ (darn whoever said this…!!!) so we are still happy. Maybe next year, or the year next to that, or beyond… [lets see] We would come out with flying colors.

Me as such participated in few events, Quiz, Shipwreck, and quite surprisingly (even for me) in Hindi Creative Writing. But the result, same square one. But anyways i am down but not out… Will bounce back in the next event (of course if i qualify the prelims).

So that was it. My topic for the Creative Writing was also a bit different maybe will share that after a few days.

Adieus. Keep Smiling πŸ™‚

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[Memoirs from the Past]

Having been hooked to internet for so long and having been done all sorts of stuff (appreciated and not) in here, i still wonder why i took so much of time to come up with my own blog πŸ™‚

So here i am starting up with my own space on the net, to tell you (yes whoever is interested of course) of what good and mischief am i up to in my dailies.

Rest is next. Keep Smiling πŸ™‚

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