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[Memoirs from the Past]

So finally.. i’m here.. at MS. My first day and i got my cube with a comp and an empty space.. looks very empty though..

Arrived around 9:15 am, my uncle’s friend had come along to drop me off. Like some some filmy drama we did’nt get parking space for the next 20 minutes and we were being shuttled between the 3 gates that the campus has got in the front (yet to discover the backdoors and the tunnels.. :D).

Finally we parked the vehicle at the roadside and dropped in. I told bye bye to my uncle, and off i went to sign on the register to enter into the office. The reception was one among the more formal ones that i’ve ever seen, with the people behind the desk clad in full suits and speaking like management pros.. Again wait.. Today it happened to be the joining for lots of new recruits so i had to again wait for a long time till my name was called and me being the only intern to join and my name not in the employees’ list i got the go ahead only after the confirmation from the HR Head. whew.. but then finally in..

Was escorted by Revathy the HR to meet Celina, (my group’s R coordinator i guess :0) ). Left behind the new employees and went straight ahead to my office. Celina then led me to the cubicle, it faces window and i have a great view.. 🙂 can do some sight seeing if getting bored.. :0) I was given my ID and password to work on and pretty soon i did my first login :o)

Since there is shortage of space where my team sits, i’ve got a cubicle with other group. The guy in the next cubicle is some Mr. uuuuummmm… (will remember later :-/) and he is into some real gossiping with the girl (today in green top :o)) who sits in the cubicle in front of him.. Darn.. I guess there would be no one left for me to gossip.. 😦 anyways that’s life..

Then i met Mr. Tyagi.. Abhishek again, who is a manager in our team, though i wont be reporting to him. Celina brought him along and introduced me. My manager happens to be on leave for the next month so i guess i would not be having anything much to do for the next few days… 🙂 i can spend the time to explore and find my ways between the ‘bhul-bhulaiya’ that they have made. I leterally got lost despite remembering the landmarks, everywhere it looks so similar and all the same. Its gonna take hell of time to get used to it.

Hey by the way finally my neighbour has stopped gissiping and has got back to his work.. i know continuous work is streneous so i think he is doing the right thing.. Guess i’ll also have to find some stupid who has nothing to do for at least the next few days… :o)

Anyways.. thats that.. now i’m sitting in my cubicle and typing this out.. guess will pour out something everyday from now on… 😀 😀

Take care and keep smiling… I am all smiles as a write this..



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