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[Memoirs from the Past]

Its all festivities all around. With many releases on the calendar (both software and workforce), everyday seems something happening in some corner of the IDC. And with the spirits soaring high, this is what follows 😉

And then there is no need to cut the cutie pie above, cuz..

Sink in into the spirits 🙂


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[Memoirs from the Past]

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abhishek karak.

Check out the highlighted name in the contacts list of the all new Windows Live Messenger. 🙂

Its all a marketing gimmik you see, they want to leverage on my name.. 😀

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[Memoirs from the Past]

[ówt sàwrssing]
subcontracting: the purchase by a company of labor or parts from a source outside the company rather than using the company’s staff or plant.
Microsoft® Encarta® 2006. © 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Outsourcing is not just a business model, rather it is deep into the roots of our lives. Be it the class notes that we let our nerdy friends take and get a copy done, or be it studying-under-mutual-understanding to jointly clear papers in the exams, or be it the bashing up of a friend, when we were kids, with the help of another ‘mustanda’ friend for a lollypop, or be it the current hues and cries that are emerging from US and a few European countries for the work being dumped on foolish and cheaply available Indians.

But as the saying goes, there’s always a ‘Pahad (Mountain)’ for every ‘Uunt Camel’. Read through this and you would find there’s a divine intervention even in the Outsourcing stuff that goes around us since we take our ‘berth’ in this humble world 🙂

Yesterday i woke up at 12:30, unusually early given the fact it was Saturday, and went for lunch at a nearby Tiffin Center (I always wonder if they would give us a the order packed in a tiffin box 😉 more on this later, I don’t want the interest of this post being outsourced from some other one). As is the case every weekend, as I came out, i was clueless what to do next. Just then I saw a APSRTC bus heading to ‘Chilkur Balaji Temple’, I ignored and went ahead. As it passed by, there was another, going to same ‘Chilkur Balaji Temple’. Grrr… I thought, its time. "Chalo bulawa aaya hai, Shri Balaji ne bulaya hai". So i hopped in the bus. It ended up being a 10 rupees, 40 minutes journey, hooff…!!! Went in and found the temple so very small, against the amount of reputation that it has. I did my puja and it lasted only for a few moments, both the mandirs together would have accounted for around 3 minutes. I came out and headed back to my home, and this time it took me a rupee less and fifteen more minutes to get back giving a strange equation of a rupee being equivalent to fifteen Hyderabadi minutes. (But mine should deserve more at least by fifty more paise)

Then I went to my uncle’s place and the real story begun there. There I discovered that Shri Chilkur Balaji bhagwaan specializes in Visas and HE is termed by many as being the Shri Visa Bhagwaan. Hmmm… I begin thinking, so there are departments for prayer redressals up above. I discovered more that there’s a temple in the posh Banjara Hills here where we have Shri Exam Bhagwaan. Be it secondary, boards, competitions, or any other kind of it, one prayer and it’s done with your dedication. I guess there would be more. We all have heard of the Asthma Mela which is flocked with asthma patients from around the globe to get a life free from the goddamn inhalers. Then we have Gods who take care of our heavenly alignment of the ‘Grahas’, who take care of us falling sick and getting well (ex. Chicken Pox), etc. etc.

So we see, it’s just a divine intervention in the Outsourcing thing. To unload the burden, The One, The Divine, The Creator, they gave us a customized figure to worship and pray to. For all our needs there is one Divine Figure we go to and see it all coming true in real time 🙂 The various departments (Passports, Visas, Exams, Illness) are at work round the clock and around the globe, to make the world we live in, better and brighter with each day. Putting a smile on every face that comes to The Divine, through any department.

One thing we should never forget, even with the outsourced Divinity, what remains in the end and above all is the same, and it is universal 🙂

Dedicated to the undying spirits faith and togetherness of true Indians, who are blessed with most of the divinity directly or Outsourced 🙂

PS: For all those nasty thinkers, I did brush and took bath before going for the lunch at the Tiffin Center 😉

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[Memoirs from the Past]

[pòllee máwr fìzzəm]
(plural pol·y·mor·phisms)
1. existence in different forms: the characteristic of existing in different forms
2. difference in DNA sequence: a difference in DNA sequence between individuals
Microsoft® Encarta® 2006. © 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Its the rule of the world. Not just a barren concept pitched in by Stroutstrup, if we look around us, the whole world is polymorphic.

So here is Me, in my ‘Polymorphic’ form..
(as depicted by the internet)

1) Karak The 2006 Commonwealth Games Mascot.

2) Al Karak city in west central Jordan, 88 km (55 mi) southwest of the city of Amman.
Microsoft® Encarta® 2006. © 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

3) Karak Castle Al Karak, Jordan.

4) Karak Town city in Malaysia, near Kuala Lampur.

5) Karak Precussion Australia’s most virtuosic and versatile percussion duos.

Just a sample few, there are lots.

Try looking for your other forms in the world. Amused is a little term to describe what you would feel 🙂

Sources: Microsoft Encarta, Google Web Search

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[Memoirs from the Past]

Strange !!?? Wouldn’t be when you read through !!

So finally after lazily submitting the two monthly reports we got the first feel of our real project term. March 3, we had our first mid semester viva regarding our 6’th sem project. And what turned out to be just a peice of formality and trouble for us poor souls who have to ‘rail’ down from so faaaaar off places.. 😐 Anyways, no sweat, after all we have to finish our degrees, so no complaints 😀

Now for the Big Hole.. 😉 If your mind drifted to some filthy thoughts, blame it to my reputation, but its not what i have to tell you. The Big Hole was no where by in the wallet.. and the saaadest part is the wallet was mine. First time to college after we started rakin cash, the ferocious juniors pounced on us from all directions and we poor souls were as if standing naked without any protection. We tried hard, tried to seem busy in dept with viva, played vollyball instead of going to canteen, slept till long into the afternoon, but it happened.. finally did.. the Big Hole.. All that we, at least I, saved from the first month’s cheque, seeped out like water oozing from sponges.. 😐

But the dinner was good 🙂 and as always being with your gang, you always have that kick in you, you always fly high.. 🙂

Me coincidently had 2 dinners within 3 hours.. and both the time i was the host, or one among the host, so had a bigger dent to my favour than my gangs who shared the Big Hole..

We released our new tee also during the trip.. The Bad Boyz, office edition. On special demand from few of our cores, we came out with the formal polo tee with our logo sewed over it. Looks too good. Steel Gray and red stitchings. Cool..

Now we all are back in our offices.. Safe, sound and in one peice with jus the Hole left behind.. 🙂

Let the sprits flow.. 🙂

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