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Finally the cat is out of the bag. After all those long videos we saw for the cool innovation from Microsoft Live Labs, the tech preview of Photosynth is out and we can now have a first hand experience of that new innovation. This product is a result of a collaborative research effort among Microsoft and Washington University.
So what is Photosynth?
I am not quite sure how they got this name, but this surely has something to do with photos. In fact lots of photos. You’ve a photo collection, with hundreds of them, relating to the same thing, and you are ready to experience it live even long after those photos were taken.
What photosynth does (or in near future would be doing) is to take a photo collection (say of my untidy room) and create a 3D model around it. Each photo is converted into a collection of points, and these points are corelated to each other to create a three dimensional frame. Each photo is then placed according to the points that it has, and there you go. If you have enough number of photos, you can go around like you are in reality moving around there.
To top it all, you get all of these, inside your browser!! Yeah that’s true. I think there would be a desktop version too coming out, but as of now you get every thing in your browser and if you’ve got a broadband connection, the performance rocks!!! Here are glimpses into my first hand experience.

The 3D points model

This is the 3D model that Photosynth automatically creats based on the photo collections converting the photos into points, and matching them together to build the whole structure

Navigating around through the collection

Navigating around through the collection

Each photo is attached to the points in the whole structure, and you can move around like in 3D through the collection.

2D view of collection

The images are grouped along together based on their corelation. the more a picture matches the selected one, the more bigger it is. This is like the size of tags that appear in Flickr, or Soapbox, the more popular a tag is, the bigger it is.

Camera position for a picture

Photosynth also determines the angle and position of the camera when the photo was taken based on the 3D structure that it creates.

 I just Love it…

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Well, i posted this entry a few days back in my other blog, and wrote that we can display transluscent images.
That is, they are visible but the opacity is reduced, and we can actually see through them to the objects below them.
The sample worked only in IE, not in FF, and one of my very good friend Kalyan cribbed about me being anti-FF (well thats true to some extent). Well the actual thing was that i didn’t know (yeah i accept), how to do it in FF.
I looked for it on the internet and found, analogous to the "filter" CSS property in IE, FF has "-moz-opacity" CSS property that can be used to specify the opacity for the objects. Recently FF has also started supporting the "opacity" attribute, recommended by W3C.
So here it is, out of the box

<img src="some-image" />

<img src="some-image" style="opacity: .50; filter: alpha(opacity=50);" />

[This example also shows an interesting feature of the browsers. The browsers apply the latest CSS attribute that they are able to recognize and the one they encounter at last. Thus specifying the style for the image like above works with both IE and FF. IE comes across filter at last and applies that, whereas, FF applies opacity and simply ignores filter.]
UPDATE: Okay i accept, the builtin extensive security in Spaces wont let me post anything that the IE doesn’t understand, so those of you who’re using FF, you wont be able to see the transluscent image. But TRUST ME, the code snippet works absolutely fine

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Crazy Frog Rocks :)

It is supposed to be the most annoying thing on earth, and you bet its among the funkiest of music that you would find around.
Add to that a great funny looking Frog and some rocking beats added to some great tracks, and you have the perfect party rocker.
The videos are great animations and are hugely popular. I ran into one such video on Soapbox and since am a big fan of the Crazy Frog.
Catch the video down here. It just rocks 🙂

crazy frog
crazy frog

For a more detailed history check out the wikipedia article here.

Go Crazy

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Okay i admit, i did some foolish stuff and brought my comp down. Darn!!
But anyway, i had to format the stuff and re-install. Too many things had got into it and the system was getting screwed up.
And then when i started off network boot, it just went cookoo Later i realized when the support person dropped by, that i had to press the F12 key to go to the Network Boot menu. And that took 1 hour’s looking around for me, and i was not even able to figure out
But anyways, i am enlightened now  and would be able to pull it off myself from next time around.
[I just wish the next time i try things on someone else’s system, insted of mine :D]

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Finally, we released. Yesterday evening. Off goes the Beta tag and Office Live V15 is out of the Box in the US markets.
With superior user interface, huge email accounts, richer site designer, various new business applications and of course my work 🙂
The best thing is, all of this comes for free. And if people are ready to pay just a little, there are extensive applications that is provided to the businesses to collaborate, shared workspaces, wikis, blogs, and the list carries on.
Catch the screenshots below.
Get the overview of offerings at http://www.officelive.com 
The celebrations would follow soon.
Cheers !!!

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So finally, here it is. After the long 9 months in making, here is my work, online, for thousands of people to discover and use. There have been lots and lots of previews, reviews, criticism, but there’s nothing better than putting your thing up live for use. Feels great from inside. Just to know something you’ve created is going to effect people around the world itself makes you feel like GOD.

Going live tomorrow, November 15, Office Live. 🙂

Cheers !!!

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[Memoirs from the Past]

In what would follow this post, there are memoirs from my past (blog).
The two massive post lists all the past posts that I had posted on Blogspot.
With moving away from Blogspot, finally I have all the past post in here.
I’m not sure who all would be interested in reading them though. Still my evangilism continues to port completely to Spaces
Cheers, and Happy Reading (if at all you do )

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