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The Y! Seal

[ Well, as people say, i dont write about anything thats not Microsoft. So i guess nows the time to prove them wrong.  ]
I just stumbled upon the Y! Mail, after a long time, just to compare the features with Live Mail. And even before signing-in, i got a pleasant surprise. Y! asked me to create a "Seal". Yup, a seal, that would be associated with my computer, and would always be displayed on the Y! sign-in page. And since the seal would be unique, for a computer, this would always prevent absuses from phishers.
So what’s the whole idea behind. The Seal that we create, is stored in form of Cookie on our machine. Whenever we hop onto the Y! sign-in page, it reads the cookie, and recreates our seal. We all know that the cookies are not accesible to cross-domain documents, hence you get an almost fool proof guard against phishers.
Moreover, since the seal would be known to you, you remain worry free that you are giving away your id/password, to unscurplous phishers.

So heres something on the phishers @$$

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