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People say salary is the last thing that we should be worried of, if we are doing our job well. Then what should we worry about? I mean, The Company would be worried of its work, that we do, since we are doing our job well. But if we both (us and The Company) are both worrying of only the job, who worries about salaries that the men who do these jobs get!?

Okay so we call those concerned fellows the HR. Hmmm, so they get to worry about our salary. Then who worries about theirs? And given the fact that their own is dependent on the fact that The Company is run with the best employees with the least possible expenditure The Company should incur, are the worries for our salaries lying in good hands? Don’t think so, because they are very obviously more concerned with their own salaries than ours. Why? Maan if you as this, no one could be as dumb in this world.

Take the case in hand. 10 months of working your ass off, add to it 6 more months of more working with more of your ass off as an intern, and you get peanuts compared to the newcomer fachhas!!! HR give them more, because they have to compete with others who are throwing off big bucks. But what about those who got small bucks for the only fault that they graduated an year earlier!!! No adjustments, no considerations, no appraisals, even if you show outstanding results in your past work hours, even if you see through a major release of product and many features, even if you are the one taking all initiatives for the team. Why? Well, just because HR is concerned not of your paycheque, but his. God knows if the last zero in his pay cheque came just because we all are lacking one in ours. Huh!


How badly I wish today that I had flunked a year during my school days


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Heard that before? Well yes, that’s Google’s punch line when it started.

This article might describe how exactly they are following this up to their collars: http://blog.opendns.com/2007/05/22/google-turns-the-page/

In addition to taking over the control of the default behavior of pre-installed software on your machine, they make it super hard, for you to get rid of it. Unless of course you plan to go ahead and re-image your machine.

Ever used Google Desktop, and are worried about deleting a letter from your beloved? Worry no more, because Google can recover that for you in just a second. In addition to that, it would also recover the copies of your attachments from your mailbox, some of the irritating spam from your outlook or any other mailbox that you accessed on the machine, or any remote document that you happened to save even once on your machine. Well, add to that all, all these things are gone forever to their servers, along with data about how you use these information.

This is not a problem as of now, but then over the time, we can only imagine.

Do No Evil !!!

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So you’ve got Windows Live Spaces, or Blogger, or WordPress, or any other Blog with email publishing?

You just got to have Word, and you can do it your own way J
Just type out the content, format it using word and click on publish. All what is left then to do is to visit your blog and see the post J

One of thousands ways, how Office amuses you!!

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