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Vision into a brotherhood, brotherhood for our delight and we have carried on and on and still basking under the same warmth, under the sun, although at different places. It’s the time of the year to have the most awaited BAD BOYZ T-shirt and celebrate in style.

The t-shirt for this year would be an assembly of the following features:
Brand : Adidas
Color : White (more to be updated by Pankaj ji)
Style : Collar T-shirt with buttons, no pockets
Embroidery style : Logo on left chest, "Bad Boyz" on left sleeve
Price : around Rs.500 per t-shirt (Exact figure to be updated later)
Embroidery cost : around Rs.70 per t-shirt (Exact figure to be updated later)

It is requested that everybody post their valuable suggestions in this group. Also please let your will be known before 31st-Mar’08. It is also requested that one person from each city volunteer to collect the money from members in that city. Please volunteer before 31st-Mar’08.

The collection of funds by the respective volunteers need to be done before 07th-Apr’08 so that we can come with the T-Shirt as early as possible.

Bad Boyz

P.S. :- Please continue the thread by adding your name at the bottom of the mail, as an acceptance to the t-shirt proposal.


Oh! now we remember again
The forgotten clan on the abandoned group
All the year where were you
Me included in that coup
The yearly stint is too meager, Oh Dear,
Are we losing touch? Should I fear?
Everyone’s everyday’s thought’s line
Got reduced to yearly tee design?
Should we take a step back and think
Why this group looks all pink?
How has it lost all its class?
When did we stop kicking ass?
Are we now coming back for good?
Or it’s the same story, under the hood!!


The sonnet dedicated to the luster lost group since the era unknown…



Might be you were on a voyage
To, a distant alien terrene
And so the news fell too late,
On ears governed by the brain.

"Forgotten clan", "abandoned group",
A misnomer we would claim
All the year you were away
And now back again to blame.

The yearly stint that you talked about
Had enough to give and take
And we were getting closer, but
You slept, when it was time for you to awake.

Thoughts that were shared in past
Made us scribble the thought line
And with the thought and hands together
We came up with the tee design.

Neither this group looks pink
And no need to transcend back
The group should have been visited
To prevent overflow of the mail-stack.

As time passes and years roll
‘The class’ grows young and elite
We sought for you many a times
While playing in chaff and wheat.

It’s a thing of time dilation,
And a matter of frame of reference
We have been carrying things as ever
No new story to commence.

With Love,
Bad Boyz



A voyage does not take you away
For the boundaries now are thin
The world has grown so smaller
For an internet age we’re in!

Clan was never forgotten, of course
The group was abandoned though
For the frequency of threads that happened here
Don’t otherwise do they show.

There are other avenues, you must say
Other grounds where we play
But I can’t keep up my pace
To all of them all through the day

How many places should I go
To keep myself abreast
To show that I too have my part
In the mighty BB fest

I know it’s easy to keep in sync
With a bunch of "Madhyams" in the mix
Orkut, GTalk, some despise
For the question of Business Ethics

The group I was talking about
Is the one hosted on Yahoo!
Which suddenly saw a furore of attention
After being quiet the year through

I accept I am the frog of well
Just Yahoo’s threads I see
In Orkut, GTalk, I do not dwell
And don’t intend to be

I agree that’s extra effort
To replicate Orkut on Yahoo!
But joining others I can’t do
My hands are tied, with lot to do

I guess I would be content
With whatever, this way, you shoot
And if ever you seek me now
You know, your hands where to put!

As a footnote, put me on the list
Wherever its intended to be
Let me also bask in glory
Get me our Bad Boyz tee!!




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We’re Bad Boyz !!!

Forget what’s right and what else is wrong,
There’s a different kind, to which we belong
For there’s nothing our girth do not span,
We have a different rearing, and a complete different clan

No you’re wrong, we are mortals too,
Beware, far invincible than rest of you,
No mercy, nothing, any crap we don’t take,
‘Cuz we’re The Bad Boyz, make no mistake!!!


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Holi Hai…!!!



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Miss You Sona…


All those times when you’re away
When I don’t have you with me all the day
It’s feels so lonely, Sab suna suna rahta hai
Aa jao ab wapas, dil yahi kahta hai

Har subah, it’s so unfair
Aankhen kholte hain and you’re not there
Tumko dekhne ko, my heart longs
Tumko hi pukare, in all its songs

Aa jao ab, let that love flow
Aa jao and make my heart glow
Come to me, kahta hai tumhara Budkee
Aa jao Sona, come back to me!!


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