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Pangea DayPangea Day is a initiative to bring the people of the world together, through storytelling. People all over the world tell stories – big and small, bright and dark, of happiness and grief, of rejoice and pain, of freedom and refuge, of courage and fear, of dreams and love – and share them through videos.
All of these was brought together on May 10’th, the Pangea Day, celebrated throughout the world in multiple locations and languages. It was a celebration with powerful films, live music and visionary speakers which was broadcasted live over internet and television.
This started with a small step of Jehane Noujaim, who was the winner of TED award for $100,000 at the TED Conference, when she wished to bring together the world through film.
Of the hundreds of videos submitted for Pangea Day, this one shows the bond people share with each other, not limited by national boundaries or languages, the bond that brings us closer, the bond of Love. 


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Zune is Life

Zune is Life
Music lover kid listens to Radio on his Zune
Zune is Life
Sends the vibrations through the dead bird, and it springs into life…
Life is Music | Music is Zune



Go to the Official Page: http://www.ubercontent.com/sh-zune-life.htm

Read more about it here: http://www.istartedsomething.com/20080505/zune-spec-spot-music-is-life/

Official Zune Site: http://www.zune.net/

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Work and Play...
I Love Rules...

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More about the newest tech baby from Microsoft which is here to change the way we use our PCs, the application running on it and the data they use.

In essence this is a sync engine that resides on all your devices and on the cloud to make your data universally available and accessible irrespective of the form factor of the devices. Think of accessing your stuff, whenever wherever and anytime access.

Live Mesh is FolderShare + SkyDrive + Groove + Frog Creek’s CopilotSyncplicity and many more rolled into one.

The whole architecture is based on FeedSync 2 way synchronization based on RSS or ATOM feeds which was developed by Microsoft in 2005.

This video lists out the far reaching possibilities that Live Mesh opens up now for developers. It shows how applications can easily be written in a multi-user and multi-desktop environment and how your data can ubiquitously be available wherever you want.

Think of an always connected always on digital world, it is now, not that hard to imagine!

[U1]: Includes features of Syncplicity

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