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Just saw the movie 21 about a few MIT grad students making big using their mathematical skills, led by their own professor, to rake in big time at Las Vegas.
Mike (the professor and the conman)  calls Ben(one of the number crunching machines) to join his team of card counters, to beat the blackjack system. Here are the first few lines that they spoke:
Mike: "Lets just say we’ve a spot open"
Ben: "How?"
Mike: "Jimmy got a job at google."
Ben: "Jimmy got a job at google!?"
Mike: "Yeah, its catchy i know!"
Ben: "Well if you’re making so much money at this then why did he take it?"
Mike: "Ben, i said google not sizzler!"
Well since long we’ve seen GOOG products being shown in movies here and there, this would probably be the first time they have hinted at a fact that google is actually looking out for super smart folks to join them, and that those super smart guys can rake in more money at Google that they can by even manipulating the casino gambling.



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There’s a different kind of love in the air. With Mozilla foundation shipping the next version of Firefox the IE team at Microsoft sent them over a huge cake congratulating their ship.

As usual the blog space is abuzz with the news, here are few hilarious comments from one of those:

Mozilla should send the world’s biggest cake to the IE team when they finally release IE8 (they’ve got a year to prepare, so should be plenty of time).
They could even give the cake some varying levels of opacity, although the IE team might not be able to see it properly then.

I like the "7eam" touch.
That isn’t a 7, it is an early form of a cursive capital "T".

I guess that box was rendered in quirks mode.

Great, they can’t even write a standards-compliant cake.

Isn’t it obvious what the Firefox team should do?
They should send them a similar cake with the recipe attached


This has evolved as a tradition at the IE team to send a love note to Mozilla when they release a new version. The below was the one sent when Mozilla released Firefox 2.0.


[So much so for elegant interoperability! 🙂 ]

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