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The Live Search team announced in their blog a little upgrade to the search home page which would be a refreshing addition to the users search experience. Its called Search Hotspot. The background of the Live Search home page would no more remain blank and would load a picture which changes after an interval. These pictures would include a clickable spot which would be searches on trivia based on the image. The search home looks like this today:


Although this isn’t a game changing feature for search pages, the Hotspots may kickstart an interesting internet experience on lazy holiday afternoon.

PS: Those who are not able to see this page due to their region settings, click on the country name at top right and change it to United States.

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Another cool way to virally market products. Allowing viewers to embed the main movie trailer on their webpages would be very effective in spreading the word virally into ones social graph, and it probably would have more impact as it would be viewed as a recommended movie by a trusted friend.

Yes, I am putting this here, because I believe this would be another great addition to the Mummy series.

UPDATE: Well it seems that I cant embed this widget, some dumb security restrictions as the says 😐

However the widget would have looked like this:


and I would still believe the movie would be great!! Don’t miss it!!

UPDATE 2: I am SORRY, I take back my words. This addition to the Mummy series disappoints and that too big time. There are times when the effects leave you gaping, but throughout the movie its more of talking and talking than Mummy fighting. The whole movie seemed to have lost its steam up in the snows. Worth for once a watch, would be a memorable addition to Mummy series for all wrong reasons.

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