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भये प्रगट कृपाला दीनदयाला कौसल्या हितकारी |
हरषित महतारी मुनि मन हारी अद्भुत रूप बिचारी ||

लोचन अभिरामा तनु घनस्यामा निज आयुध भुज चारी |
भूषन वनमाला नयन बिसाला सोभासिन्धु खरारी ||

कह दुइ कर जोरी अस्तुति तोरी केहि बिधि करौं अनंता |
माया गुन ग्यानातीत अमाना वेद पुरान भनंता ||

करुना सुख सागर सब गुन आगर जेहि गावहिं श्रुति संता |
सो मम हित लागी जन अनुरागी भयौ प्रकट श्रीकंता ||

ब्रह्मांड निकाया निर्मित माया रोम रोम प्रति बेद कहै |
मम उर सो बासी यह उपहासी सुनत धीर मति थिर न रहै ||

उपजा जब ग्याना प्रभु मुसुकाना चरित बहुत बिधि कीन्ह चहै |
कहि कथा सुहाई मातु बुझाई जेहि प्रकार सुत प्रेम लहै ||

माता पुनि बोली सो मति डोली तजहु तात यह रूपा |
कीजे सिसुलीला अति प्रियसीला यह सुख परम अनूपा ||

सुनि बचन सुजाना रोदन ठाना होइ बालक सुरभूपा |
यह चरित जे गावहि हरिपद पावहि ते न परहिं भवकूपा ||


On the occasion of “Krishna Janmashtmi” – Birthday of The Lord Sri Krishna


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2 Sides of Hyderabad

(as seen from top of Golkonda Fort)

Golconda 1


Golconda 2

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My_Sassy_Girl_Movie_Poster 401px-Uglyaurpagli Sassygirl

엽기적인 그녀

Ugly Aur Pagli

My Sassy Girl

Back at school, our teachers used to tell us after the results were announced, “you need skills even to copy stuff during exams”. I couldn’t agree more. You copy and you copy it with skills, forms that thin line separating the success with failure. Same could be said for the state Bollywood is in currently. There are producers who copy get inspired by foreign scripts all the time. But then there are ones who execute it end to end beautifully, and then there are ones who are just…, I am sure how their report card looked in schools 🙂

That Bizarre Girl / My Sassy Girl (엽기적인 그녀) was released in South Korea in 2001 based on a true story told in a series of love letters written by someone called Kim Ho-sik, which were initially posted on the internet and later adapted as a novel. The movie is sweet, romantic and refreshing everytime you sit to watch it.

Come 2008, there are 2 remakes of this movie being released almost at the same time in 2 parts of the world. Hollywood does it with My Sassy Girl and Bollywood takes it up with Ugly Aur Pagli. Well, I am yet to watch the Hollywood edition but words flying out in the internet give me a hint I’d better stay off. Last week I saw the Bollywood version though, and that was disappointing. It was an abuse of the original. The producers went to an extent of copying even the dialogues from the original, but failed to create the magic with it. Ranvir Shorey is funny moulds nicely in the character although sometimes going overboard, but Mallika needs more cheekbones to make people laugh. And please directors do not, I repeat DO NOT make her cry in any movie, she looks so dumb and so artificial. Though U&P had its share of laughs but that lasted only for minutes and weren’t enough to carry on the 2 hour long movie.

When I first saw the original I really really wanted it to be adapted into a Bollywood movie, but seeing this adaptation is disheartening. May god put some senses into the Xerox machines to let them generate Bollywood’ised copies of international flicks in more fidelity.

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Screenshots taken from a web broadcast of NASA TV.


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