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From Reuters:

Microsoft Plays Prank on Netscape after Bash
06:49 a.m. Oct 02, 1997 Eastern
    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (Reuter) - A party for 1,000
people Tuesday night apparently was not enough for some
Microsoft Corp. employees. They had to top off the night with a
prank on Internet software rival Netscape Communications Corp.
    Netscape employees found a gigantic blue stage prop in the
shape of an "e" in front of their company's front door Wednesday
    The night before, the same 10-by-12-foot stage prop -- which
represents the logo for Microsoft's Internet Explorer, or IE,
browser -- was spotted at a Microsoft bash in San Francisco.
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and about 1,000 industry
executives were celebrating the launch of the newest version of
Internet Explorer.
    A group of people were seen dropping off the "e" in front of
Netscape's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., about 1:30
a.m. Wednesday, said Netscape spokeswoman Chris Holten. A card
attached to the prop read, "From the IE team," she said.
    "It seems awfully immature to resort to fraternity tactics
to draw attention," Holten said. "We're winning the battle. It's
something you'd expect from a startup, not the largest software
company in the world."
  A Microsoft spokeswoman declined to comment.

    Netscape and Microsoft have
been battling to dominate the
market for Internet browsers for
the past two years. By most
industry estimates, Netscape has
about three-quarters of the
market with its Navigator browser,
but Microsoft is rapidly
gaining with each new release of
Internet Explorer.
    Netscape had the last laugh
in the prank, though. Company
employees put their 12-foot
mascot — a green Godzilla-like
foam creature dubbed "Mozilla"
— on top of the "e".
    Mozilla held a placard that read,
"Netscape 72, Microsoft 18," referring
to recent market share data.


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Sonia Gandhi (at Bhongir): Hamare pas Manmohan hai.. tumhare paas kya hai? (We’ve got Manmohan.. What have you got?)
L K Advani (probably at Gandhinagar): !@$%?

Manmohan Singh (somewhere thanking his stars): Bhagwaan tera lakh lakh shukra hai! Mere paas to Maa hai.. Jai Ho!! (Thank you God a million times! I’ve got The Mother!!)

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But he surely does steal the show.

It was a rerun of the Iraq drama right here at the Indian Capital when Jarnail Singh, a journalist by profession, hurled a shoe at the Home Minister, Mr. P Chidambram, displaying his angst and unrest over the issue of Mr. Jagdish Tytler being given a clean chit in the 1984 Sikh Riot case.

Though this is an unfortunate event to happen, this clearly shows how angry and hurt Sikhs feel towards no outcome of the case running since last 25 years! and that too after 10 committees commissioned by the government to look into the matter. This nature of Indian Judicial system in itself is so unfortunate and puts a whole billion people to shame.


Jarnail Singh’s shoe was a Reebok size 8

Akali Dal has announced a Rs. 2 Lakhs reward and Lok Sabha election ticket from Amritsar

Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee has offered a job, in case he loses the current one, and legal aid if he is booked for the offense.

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I was reading the March 30 issue of the Outlook and came across an opinion column by Nayantara Sahgal Nehru’s Turning In His Graves which condemns the inflammatory remarks of Varun Gandhi in UP. Although I myself am in wholehearted support of this condemnation, this article unfortunately paints Congress and Nehru family as one. Though this fact is a widely believed one, to come from someone who belongs to the family nullifies the claims Congressmen make, of having their own identity and not just being part of an archaic political party. Truth is Congress is in name and spirit all but Nehru family which is evident by the control that the family musters over the party.

Congress has a line of very senior political leaders and is trying to pull in young blood but it seriously needs to break from the family bondage and get its own identity and thoughts. There’s more to this billion strong nation besides the ideologies of a single family. We’re democracy and the Congressmen need to understand that!

Excerpts from article:

…while Varun is no doubt a fourth-generation descendant of the family, let us not forget that both he and his mother, Maneka, made an open break with the family. Varun may have only been a toddler when Maneka severed her ties with the family, but he struck out just as irrevocably when he joined the BJP some five years ago. His break with the family and its ideals was just as decisive as his mother’s. He owes his allegiance to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) now, and his connection to the Nehru-Gandhi family is now completely irrelevant…

…difference between Varun and his cousins, Rahul and Priyanka, is that while they were nurtured on the family’s secular ideals…   …The Congress, whatever its sins, is dedicated to secularism and the unity of India…   …other language is secularism and peace and equal respect for all religions. That is the language I speak, and that is the language of the Congress…

My response:

Pardon my poor understanding of Indian History and Polity, but the way this article talks it feels (which is always denied by Congress and claimed by everyone else) that there is very little differentiating Congress from the Nehru (now Gandhi) Family.

I believe democracy is above lineage and one single family would never muster the competencies for the collective good of a billion strong nation. Congress should and must try and break out of the family ideals and present some thought leadership to take our nation ahead. I don’t say secularism and Unity of India are not important, but there are more important tasks at our hand, viz. national security, employment, inflation, etc. which should be the center of every political party’s focus.

Disclaimer: In no spirit do I support the inflammatory remarks of Mr. Varun Gandhi, nor do I have any political affiliations yet.

To reiterate my disclaimer I do not have any political affiliations and criticizing Congress doesn’t mean I support other political parties.

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