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Specially the ones who give us rain!

This is the 3’rd week that its happening. The weekends are always so very hot and dry, but as night dawns on Sunday the clouds start appearing just in time for a beautiful Monday morning. And guess what, you’ve to get up at 7 get ready and drag yourself to office. And for the whole 5 weekdays, while you keep dragging yourself to office and back, the weather is so splendid. But by the time you take a sigh of relief on Friday night, all the clouds are gone and you’re headed to 2 days full of heat and sweat.

So the whole point is, Gods, either want to save us from agony of work so they give us better weather on weekdays, or maybe they go for a weekend getaway to someplace else!

Maybe these are the best times to use up that holiday quotas and create a weekend during the weekdays itself.


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10,000 and counting…


It says it all.. 10k in just under 5 months 🙂

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Tum hi hamesha


   Tum ho to gata hai dil
   Tum nahi to geet kahan
   Tum ho to hai sab haasil
   Tum nahi to kya hai yahan
   Tum ho to hai sapno ke jaisa haseen ek samaa

   Jo tum ho to ye lagta hai ki mil gayi har khushi
   Jo tum na ho to lagta hai ki har khushi me hai kami
   Tumko hai maangti… Ye jindagi…

   Tum ho to rahen bhi hain
   Tum nahi to raste kahan
   Tum ho to yahan sab hi hain
   Tum nahi to kaun yahan
   Tum ho to hai har ek pal meharbaan ye jahan

   Jo tum ho to hawa me bhi mohabbaton ka rang hai
   Jo tum na ho to fir koi na josh hai na umang hai
   Tum mile to mili… Ye Jindagi…

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Holi Hai…!!!



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Miss You Sona…


All those times when you’re away
When I don’t have you with me all the day
It’s feels so lonely, Sab suna suna rahta hai
Aa jao ab wapas, dil yahi kahta hai

Har subah, it’s so unfair
Aankhen kholte hain and you’re not there
Tumko dekhne ko, my heart longs
Tumko hi pukare, in all its songs

Aa jao ab, let that love flow
Aa jao and make my heart glow
Come to me, kahta hai tumhara Budkee
Aa jao Sona, come back to me!!


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With Love.. From Love..



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