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[Memoirs from the Past]

Friends, Fans, Communities, Scraps, Testimonials, Cool, Trusty, Sexy, Crush.

Do these sound familiar? Maan then you’ve sure been to the now ‘oh so happening place’ for nearly 21 million people.

And to judge you more, do you have over a 100 friends (half of whom you’ve never met!!).You’ve people in your fan list, who think you are the ass’est that one can get, or you have testimonials from people who would start backbiting as soon as you turn around, then you have the most coveted title on the internet "Orkut ke Chirkut"

Maan the way this thing has caught up, its gross. Its like a virus, plaguing us all, making us all sit hooked on. But then who cares 😉
You get so many people online, you would ever get to see anywhere else and that includes babes and beauties too [:D]

Well, isn’t that a good enough reason to be here 😀 I think it is and so I am. And if you’re not, you’re out. [;)]


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