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Good Bye!!!

Hello All,

It’s been an year of having been a great part of this team. I was lucky to get to a team of my interest (WEB) and doing so many different things that is and would be affecting millions of people around the world. I found this place as exciting and inspiring as were all with whom I worked over the past months. I learnt a lot and feel happy to have been given an opportunity to contribute in various areas. I really feel blessed !!

But things move on, and time has come for me to say goodbye, to the year that gone by and open my arms to yet another year at Microsoft which I am sure would be as eventful, exciting and inspiring as has been the last one. So here’s cheering for the past 12 months that went by and the bravery that you all displayed by putting up with me. And as a tribute to your bravery come savour some sweet delights at my desk.

Cheers and lets continue rocking!!!


PS: those of you, who actually thought, even for a second, that you are relieved of me, he he he, dude!!! Wake Up!!! I Ain’t goin’ nowhere


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