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Bingo Moment

Solved the Rubik’s Cube! Hurray!!!


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The artwork at the Base of the Buddha Statue located at Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad.

Panorama created using the Windows Live Photo Gallery through the Microsoft Image Composite Editor.

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(well, provided you’re in hyderabad traffic police)

The other day I was waiting for my office shuttle in front of Shilparamam. Recently this stretch of road had been declared by the Traffic Police as a no parking area for auto wallas, who used to crowd almost 2 lanes of the road (out of barely 3 that we have). (Almost) 2 dedicated traffic policemen devoted themselves to making a dent on the autos who were going over one another for their fill of customers. So it was surprising to see there autos lined up that day, taking people in and zooming off. The traffic police was strolling in front of the line now and then asking a few of the autos, which came in a hurry to take passengers, not to stand there. Those already parked there were lazily filling the passengers. I thought this line has been made as the auto parking line and those who do not come in line were driven off.

But then I saw a guy, who wasn’t an auto driver, calling each auto walla and taking a 10 rupees note, noting down his auto registration number. That was strange I thought, autos paying parking fees, that was the most amusing thing you could ever see on Indian roads :).

So I called one auto wala over and
”Ye paise kisliye diye?”, I asked.
”Hun!!?”, what place did I wanted to go, he thought.
”Ye, uss aadmin ko 10 rupaye diye na! kahe ko diye?”, I asked again, being more clear and expressive with my hands.
”Wo, arre wo traffic police wale lete. Idhar auto khada nahi kar sakte na!”.

That was it. Since the policemen couldn’t take (or at least didn’t want to in broad daylight) they had outsourced the collection to another guy. He must be happy to make contacts deep in Hyderabad police systems and also make a little tip over and above.

This was a win win situation for all:
    Policemen: No need to shout over all auto wallas, neither swing hands to hit them. Moreover make money.
    Auto Walla: No more dents, acquire passengers easily
    Man in Middle: High profile contacts, excellent pocket money through the day
    We the Passengers: Do not need to walk a marathon to get autos, lined up autos creates less traffic congestion

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